Shamanic Visioning Music

Shamanic Visioning Music
Taiko Drum Journeys
Published by Sounds True
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A drum that speaks with the voice of thunder—and sends its rousing call deep into the unseen world. This is the taiko drum, which has echoed for centuries across the mountains and forests of Japan, providing generations of listeners with a powerful link to spirit. With Shamanic Visioning Music: Taiko Drum Journeys, expert teacher Sandra Ingerman brings you an album of taiko music specifically created for the practice of shamanic journeying. Featuring dynamic drumming arrangements designed to facilitate an altered state of consciousness, here is a welcome addition to the library of any taiko fan or student of shamanism.


  1. Introduction
  2. Preparation and Welcoming in the Spirits
  3. Spirit Boat: Nagado and Odaiko Drums
  4. Heartbeat: Odaiko Drum and Tibetan Bowl
  5. Rattlesnake: Nagado Drums, Odaiko, and Rattle

"The deep reverberation of the Taiko drums touched something deep in me and enabled my sonic trance exercises. The Tibetan bowl music added into one of the cuts was a fascinating plus. The variety of cuts is a refreshing alternative to other sonic drive CDs that I have been using." -Amazon Reviewer 

Audio CD | $13.99 USD | B00QKLUVU2 | January 27, 2015