Shamanic Meditations

Shamanic Meditations
Guided Journeys for Insight, Vision, and Healing
Published by Sounds True
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The first meditators in history were the shamans, whose practices for contemplation and connecting with the divine are echoed in virtually every spiritual tradition today. On Shamanic Meditations, Sandra Ingerman invites you to return to the source of human spirituality--and experience for yourself the enduring power of these ancient practices for healing, guidance, and awakening. With seven guided meditations called "journeys" in the shamanic tradition--from a renowned author and teacher, this two-hour program features an overview of shamanic principles, guided practices for finding your "spirit teachers" and "power animals," the shamanic initiation into oneness, and more.

Audio CD | $19.95 USD | 978-1591797579 | June 15, 2015