Listen with Your Heart

Listen with Your Heart
Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing and Nature
Published by The Center for Healing Arts
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Sandra Ingerman inspires and guides us to live a healthy joyful life with abundance and peace for ourselves and all of life. She generously offers deep healing insights and wisdom based on the 40,000 year old tradition of Shamanism as a prescription for moving us toward a greater consciousness of the power of our thoughts, words and actions on ourselves and the planet.

In Listen with Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature, Sandra also helps attune us to our natural rhythm with nature; the earth, water, fire, and air that is both us and all around us. This heartfelt time with Sandra Ingerman that also includes two guided journeys and a special wellness blessing is something you will want to experience again and again (all chaptered for easy reference).

This up close and personal time with Sandra Ingerman is perfect for those interested in personal and planetary healing. It is also ideal for those interested in Ingerman's work and would like to know what it is like to be with her.

DVD | $24.00 USD | B0017HSUH0 | April 7, 2008