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Shamanic Visioning
SKU: 978-1622030897

Everything is alive, everything has a spirit―and wisdom to share. Shamans throughout history have known that we all have the capacity to connect with plants, animals, natural forces, and helping spirits for guidance and healing. With Shamanic Visioning, Sandra Ingerman presents a complete audio training course in powerful techniques for tapping into the boundless creative energy of the unseen world. Join this renowned teacher for more than seven hours of instruction and insight as you learn to open yourself to the world of spirit, access reservoirs of healing energy for yourself and others, and empower yourself to fulfill the highest vision of your life.
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Soul Journeys
SKU: B003IG81E0

In the practice of shamanic journeying, rhythm fuses with intent to carry us into the unseen worlds for wisdom, healing, and insight. With Soul Journeys, Sandra Ingerman presents a unique collection of musical journeys made to transport you into an expanded state of perception.
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The Spirit of Healing

This album of shamanic trance music by Sandra Ingerman and Byron Metcalf combines traditional drums and other shamanic instruments with low drone notes over three long-form pieces intended to facilitate an altered state. Using repetitive rhythms designed to scientifically alter brainwaves, Ingerman and Metcalf hope to open a connection to the spirit world.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying
SKU: 978-1591791119

Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the invisible worlds beyond ordinary reality in order to retrieve information for change in any area of our lives, from spirituality and health to work and relationships.
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Shamanic Meditations
SKU: 978-1591797579

The first meditators in history were the shamans, whose practices for contemplation and connecting with the divine are echoed in virtually every spiritual tradition today. On Shamanic Meditations, Sandra Ingerman invites you to return to the source of human spirituality--and experience for yourself the enduring power of these ancient practices for healing, guidance, and awakening.
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Miracles for the Earth
SKU: 978-1591792017

Is it possible to create miracles using the power of your intentions? On Miracles for the Earth, Sandra Ingerman teaches a traditional seven-step process known as "shapeshifting" (or transfiguration) that has actually been demonstrated to purify water and soil in the physical environment.
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The Soul Retrieval Journey
SKU: 978-1591794844

Over 40,000 years ago the first shamans ventured into the spirit realms in search of wisdom and healing. What they found was a secret world of teachers, animal spirits, and the soul fragments of those suffering in the ordinary world. On The Soul Retrieval Journey, you will join Sandra Ingerman (director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies) as she shares the rituals of the shaman and explains how, even today, they remain powerful tools for self-healing and insight available to anyone. 
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Shamanic Visioning Music

A drum that speaks with the voice of thunder—and sends its rousing call deep into the unseen world. This is the taiko drum, which has echoed for centuries across the mountains and forests of Japan, providing generations of listeners with a powerful link to spirit. With Shamanic Visioning Music: Taiko Drum Journeys, expert teacher Sandra Ingerman brings you an album of taiko music specifically created for the practice of shamanic journeying.
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Listen with Your Heart

Sandra Ingerman inspires and guides us to live a healthy joyful life with abundance and peace for ourselves and all of life. She generously offers deep healing insights and wisdom based on the 40,000 year old tradition of Shamanism as a prescription for moving us toward a greater consciousness of the power of our thoughts, words and actions on ourselves and the planet.
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